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i chalk it

Sharon, who I work with at MASA, collects these one page Business Digest faxes every single day.  Even when she’s out, we save them for her.  She will cut out her favorite quotes or information found on the one page fax and share them with others.  On Friday, July 13, she shared one with me – the portion under Development – and I’d like to share it with y’all.

Commit yourself:

  • Be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.
  • Talk health, happiness, and prosperity.
  • Make all your friends feel that there is something special in them.
  • Look at the sunny side of everything.
  • Think only the best, work only for the best, and expect only the best.
  • Be as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own.
  • Wear a cheerful countenance and give every living creature you meet a smile.
  • Be too large for…

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A good run and a rainy beach trip…

A paralegal at work has been talking about the C25k (Couchto 5k) app that she is using. I decided that I could use just such an app to help me with increase my running distance.  I downloaded RunDouble to get from 5k to 10k.

This weekend, we traveled down to south Alabama to visit my parents Friday.  Saturday, I used my new app for the first time. After a five-minute warm up, you jogged for eight minutes then walked for one. After 44 minutes, I had covered over four miles.  I was pretty pleased (though my left knee was not excited about the last five minutes or so).  The app told you when to jog and when to walk and kept up with distance and pace based upon GPS. There was a constant drizzle, the temperature was nice, and south Alabama is pretty flat, so it was a pleasant jog.

Afterward, we took the kids to the beach.

Houston and Papa

Kenley, keeping her dress dry…

We chose the wettest day in years…so we ended up seeing Madagascar 3… (really funny, by the way). Afterward, there was a break in the weather long enough to play out in the sand.

Kenley and Nanny

They had fun, but we will be going back, so they can get more than their feet in the water… Hope you guys had a great weekend!!

Coach Crystal

Warrior Dash — Take 2

So I recently ran the Warrior Dash in Georgia, a charity obstacle race supporting St. Jude Children’s Hospital. It was a two-day event and again a ton of fun. I would like to take this opportunity to apologize (again) to the young lady that I landed on during one of the water obstacles.  (to be fair, I didn’t know she was under the water and I just slid in, so she didn’t drown or anything!!)  Anyway, besides that mishap, (and she said she was fine, both then and after the race when I ran into talked to her again), it was a blast. 

They had some of the same obstacles as the Jackson, Mississippi Dash, but some different ones as well: the swimming obstacle, wrecked cars, and the fire was way higher this time, (but still not hard to get over).  It was also way more muddy!! I got behind two guys dressed as Spartans from 300.  Here is a new rule, if you dress like a bad ass, you can’t walk and block the course.  It is… unbecoming… just sayin… haha. I am blaming those guys for the fact that I got beat by my buddy who I beat in Jackson.

We recently found out that the Warrior Dash is coming to Warrior, Alabama (just outside of Birmingham and not far (10 miles) from my house!!) on October, 6, 2012.  Check it out here. Any of my readers that want to camp out in my yard, consider this your official invitation. (I probably need to clear this with Coach Crystal, but I am sure it is fine!!) 🙂

So, who is in?  I am thinking of dressing as Clubber Lang to my buddy’s Rocky.  My prediction for the race… “Pain…” for him as he eats my dust!

Happy Memorial Day

While we are cooking out, enjoying the day off, and visiting with family and friends today, I hope we all take a few minutes to remember what the day is all about.

To all veterans and servicemen… THANK YOU for your service and our freedom!!


Sorry, I have been out of touch lately. No excuses. Since we talked last, I ran a Warrior Dash, gone on vacation, and started the second phase of Insanity (wow).  I will be posting on all these.  Glad to be back!

A Monument to a BUG?!? and Happy Anniversary…

We spent the weekend in south Alabama visiting Mom for Mothers’ Day. On the way down, Crystal and I realized that our anniversary is next week.  Seven years on May 16th.  Since we wont be together next weekend, decided we should do something this weekend.  So with built-in babysitters (the grandparents love it), we headed out for dinner and a movie.

We headed over to Enterprise, Alabama for our date.  Interesting monument in Enterprise…

A monument to a bug… strange, but true

The Boll Weevil Monument

Sorta looks like a tick…

The boll weevil was a Mexican bug that came north to Alabama in 1915 and began wiping out the cotton crop.  Farmers were forced to switch to peanuts and other crops which brought prosperity to the area (known as the “Wiregrass”).  The only monument dedicated to an agricultural pest!!  What a claim to fame!! Haha.

So after checking out the monument, we went to The Rawls for dinner.  The Rawls claims to serve “contemporary Southern cuisine witha sophisticated twist.”

If we had known, we could have stayed at the Bed and Breakfast, too. Maybe next time…

The Chef, at The Rawls, Bill Schleusner, was former sous chef at Chris Hastings’  Hot and Hot Fish Club as well as working under Frank Stitt at Bottega (both in Birmingham and wonderful restaurants. Birmingham is actually a top food city, though the wine selection in our top restaurants may be lacking if you believe this author in Food and Wine magazine.)

We were given a tour of the historic building by our server and got to meet Chef Bill. (We ate early and the restaurant wasn’t too busy at the time.) Crystal got the 90 day chicken and I got Angus steak (all locally raised food). Coach Crystal was a huge fan!!

It was my anniversary, don’t judge…haha.

The next time you are headed to the beaches of the Gulf Coast or find yourself anywhere near Enterprise, I can’t recommend The Rawls  enough.