INSANITY results

Sorry that it has taken me so long to post.  I always get nervous before posting results pics.  As many of you guys know, I failed at INSANITY once before and a few months back, I vowed to conquer Shaun T.  Well, I did it. INSANITY is a 60 day program.  With my obstacle course training added in, it took me a few more than 90 days to complete it.  I still feel AWESOME about the accomplishment.

The results… I lost inches on every measurement including 2.5 in my waist.  I also lost 14 lbs. Now for the pics…


And After:

Still got a ways to go, but I am still on the path.  (As I write this, I have cheese puff residue on my fingers.  I think my diet may still need adjustment. Haha!!)


30 comments on “INSANITY results

  1. Aj says:

    Awesome job. I “rebooted” my latest P90X experiment after a week-long family vacation. Made it 3 1/2 weeks. So, here I am at the start of week 2, part 2. Keep inspiring us all!

  2. Congratulations!! You look great! It’s such a sense of accomplishment to complete a full program isn’t it? I’m week 3 into P90X. Curious to see the results when I’m done!

  3. Woaaah! What a dif so far!! You rock!!

  4. mzsura says:

    Fantastic congrats

  5. mimioso says:

    Congratulations!!!!!!! Keep up the awesome job 🙂

  6. i spy God says:

    Well done!! Insanity is TOUGH!! Great job and results!!

  7. newuxtreme says:

    Wow! Excellent progress!
    It seems like most of your flab was around your mid section! Seems like you lost more than 14 from the pics. Cheers to the next 14! 🙂

  8. spinmethin says:

    I need to brush up on my catcalling skills… great work!!

  9. thebestme4me says:

    Awesome results! Shaun T…you gotta love to hate him! I just started Asylum and am feeling the physical and mental challenge of it!

  10. Congratulations! What a great accomplishment!

  11. well done! we are on the same path (my name is Scott too) i did p90,p90x, and now p90x2. getting good results, keep up the good work!

  12. Kenzie says:

    Congratulations! Keep it up, this success will really boost you to continue! 🙂

  13. Congrats on finishing up Insanity! I did the first 30 days of Insanity and my life went crazy so I never finished month two, though I continued doing exercises from month one. It whipped my butt into shape for sure. I am going to go back to it once I finish up Turbo Fire. Thank you for stopping by my blog!

  14. Nicely done! What’s the dedication secret?

  15. Krittle says:

    WOW> That is a definite change! Congratulations in completing the program. I am way to scared to show my pictures. I have 31 days to go.

  16. Pete says:

    Well done, that’s a great result!

  17. […] wont let Crystal get rid of my high-tops… I could play again!!).  Still, after conquering INSANITY, I feel the need to call out my next […]

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