I don’t know how many of you ever played pick-up basketball at your local gym or school. In my experience, when there was a limited number of courts, there was always a group of players waiting for their turn to play… these guys had “downs.”  The rule was that the winners got to play another game against the team of “downs” while the losers had to sit.

When the winning team vanquished its opponent, we (because I won some, don’t laugh) would shout out “NEXT!!” in our most arrogant voice to signify ourselves as the victors and as a form of trash talking to the new team we were about to play (i.e. they were also about to be defeated).  (I think this is similar to gorillas beating their chests…haha!) Now I haven’t played real basketball since law school (though I still wont let Crystal get rid of my high-tops… I could play again!!).  Still, after conquering INSANITY, I feel the need to call out my next opponent.


Up next is a half marathon…the Magic City Half, right here in Birmingham on November 18.  I have started training already.  I also have the Rock ‘n Run obstacle course in Georgia in September and the Warrior Dash in Alabama in October. The training will include running for the half marathon followed by weight training on my “off days.” My schedule looks like this

Sunday – Long run

Monday — Chest and Tris and abs

Tuesday – Easy run

Wednesday – Back and Bis and abs

Thursday – Tempo run

Friday – Legs

Saturday – Off or core

The running schedule comes from Runner’s World and is based on my race day. The weight lifting strategy was designed by me.  I plan lifting relatively heavy through the first of October, but as the runs get longer, I intend to do more high rep, light weights to hopefully maintain any gains through the marathon.

I know some people will take me to task for continuing to lift while training for a half.  But those people don’t understand my goal. Yes, carrying extra muscle in my upper body for 13.1 miles will undoubtedly slow me down.

But I will need that muscle (and much more) to complete the ultimate goal, the Tough Mudder next April. A 10-12 mile obstacle course “challenge” designed by the British Special Forces and supporting the Wounded Warriors project. This race intimidates me; the distance especially. The Barbarian Challenge almost killed me and it is not nearly this far. I want to do it, just so I can say i did it.  Does that make any sense at all?

I am thinking of doing  BODY BEAST (a new Beachbody program designed to build muscle) after finishing the Half Marathon to try to gain back any muscle mass I lose (while cutting back a little on my running — the end of November, December and January, how much am I going to want to be outside anyway??!! haha.)

What do you guys think?  Sound like an overly optimistic plan? Am I insane?

Now consider that I turn 37 today, but am in the best shape I have been in perhaps ever but certainly since I was 28.  I think pushing yourself toward new challenges is the only way to get fit and getting fit is the only way to stay young.  What is your “NEXT”!!??!!


Onederland = Winning

With credit to my fellow blogger for the Onederland idea (happily, she is here, too), I am happy to report that I have reached my original goal weight — a number starting with one.   I have actually been here for over a week (I didn’t want to jinx it when I first dipped under).  Since I started P90X, I have lost 40 pounds.  30 with myfitnesspal (which I cannot recommend enough).

Winning feels good, even to people who aren’t insane!

P90X2 was the program that got me started again after several months being satisfied with my P90X results.  Insanity kicked it up a notch and my new-found love of Obstacle Course racing certainly helped as well. The kicker was the new HRM which helped me blast through the last plateau.

That number was such a colossal mental barrier. I am certainly happy to have achieved it. I am now in better shape than anytime since law school (eight years ago).

I know find myself attempting to figure out my next goal… I don’t think it is a weight, per se, though my buddy has a number that he thinks is the perfect running weight (which I am about 7 pounds away from).

What do you guys think?  How do you go about setting new goals?


Does anyone else have problem with consistency? I know I do.  Yesterday, I did INSANITY plyo cardio circuit and followed it by running a mile and a half.  Today, I completely missed my workout. I have excuses, but that is all they are… I could have done it, just did not want to.

I will do it tomorrow, but  Insanity is a 60 day course and extending it to 75 days will certainly limit its effectiveness.  What do you guys do to stay consistent?  HELP 🙂

Warrior Dash Swag

So I was up at the crack of dawn (actually way before dawn 4:15 a.m.) to do INSANITY – plyometric cardio.  Not fun.  I grabbed a half of a 5 hour energy before starting.  I am not sure it helped with the workout, but I was BUZZING when I got to work around 8.  I don’t drink much caffeine and could tell why after this morning.

So for lunch, I hit the gym for a short upper body workout.  I am taking tomorrow off from training (and half a day from work) as we are driving over to Jackson, Mississippi for the Warrior Dash. I have talked about it before here and here. It is a fundraiser for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. 3.4 miles with 14 obstacles… wish me luck!! 

Anyway, our T-shirts came. Pretty cool, huh?!?

Is that exercise appropriate for children…to see? (INSANITY — Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs)

Today was my first time doing Cardio Abs.  It was intimidating knowing that I had another routine following Pure Cardio.  Pure Cardio is warm-up, stretch, and 15 or 16 cardio exercises done for a minute each without any rest in between.  Well, it is not designed to have a rest, but I took a break or two.  (I think about everyone in the class did, too, including Shaun T). I was proud I was able to get through all three rounds of the warm-up without taking a break. (Yes, the warmup is hard.)

So after it was over, you have to press play again for Cardio abs and you get another warm-up.  I almost freaked.  Thankfully, it is only one time through and not as intense as a normal warmup.  The rest of the routine is on the floor.  (But no sit-ups or crunches). Just because it is on the floor, doesn’t mean it is easy. I was so wiped at the time, but I don’t think it is as hard as P90X’s ab ripper. I could do all the moves (though I did take some breaks). 

The last move was very… interesting.  You start out in plank and do, what can only be called a type of hip thrusts.  Then you sink to low plank (plank on your elbows) and do more hip thrusts.  Up and down for four sets. I felt like I was training for some type of pornography Olympics.  I diverted my eyes from the television because that was just more than I wanted to see…Haha~!

Has anyone else done Cardio Abs and felt very strange performing the last exercise? Am I just doing these wrong?

Tax day — is a fat tax coming?

Today is Tax Day… that wonderful day that everyone strikes a check to their government.  Just read an interesting “tax” article from across the pond.  Apparently, medical providers are arguing that the government should tax fatty foods due to the added cost that obese people have on government-run health care. I am sure whether it works or fails over there, we will have people clamoring for it over here soon.Can you  imagine the regulations a food tax would have? Little Debbie would have the best lobbyists money could buy and your Nutty Buddies would each cost $1 more to pay for it.  (not that you should be eating nutty buddies, but still). I read that the U.S. Tax Code already had more words than all the collected works of Shakespeare combined.  I had to take income tax in law school — talk about ridiculous.

 The author proposed (tongue in cheek, I think) having a “fat tax.”  Each year, your BMI would be calculated and if you were outside the guidelines, you would pay a higher tax. Personally, I think both proposals are ridiculous.  My government cannot spend less than it earns (or takes), do I really want bureaucrats dictating what I eat.  First step toward Soylent Green, people!! Haha!!

So I am going to keep doing INSANITY, watching my calories through, and drinking my Shakeology. I hope that by the time the “fat tax” becomes reality, I am getting a refund!! 

What are you going to do?

Warrior Dash Training

So today was an off day for INSANITY and I decided to try to simulate the Warrior Dash. Crystal and I are running the race April 21 in Jackson, Mississippi. It’s a charitable race benefiting St. Jude’s Children Hospital. Its 3.4 miles interrupted by 14 obstacles. Check it out here.

So here was my workout today:

Ran 1.4 miles in 14:30 minutes

10 Push Presses of 95 pounds

.5 miles in 5 minutes

10 pull-ups (5 wide and 5 narrow)

.5 miles in 5:40 minutes

Dumbbell Bench plus 25 push ups and 5 plyo pushups

.6 miles in 7:50 (I was really wiped by this point plus the Lebatard show was on — havent seen that much, but it is funny.)

10 pull-up (5 wide and 5 narrow) (I did two sets because I am just excited I can do any!! Thank you P90X2 and Beachbody bands!))

.4 miles in 5:30

So I did the 3.4 miles in about (times are approximate from memory, I looked but didnt write them down) 38:40.  Not too bad. I jogged most of the way and ran a portion, but walked more than I ran.  I imagine I will be doing about the same in a couple of weeks.  I know those obstacles (crawling through mud, under barbed wire, climbing  walls, running through tires, and jumping over fire, to name a few) will be tougher than what I did. Check out the obstacles here. I hope P90X2 and INSANITY have me ready for those!!

What exercises should I do to help me prepare for these obstacles?  Any ideas??